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"Just had to share. Yesterday I had a horrible headache. I was at work and the only thing I had was an Ibuprofen, so I took one. I still had it when I got home. I hadn't taken my BODY or SOUL so I decided to take it first before taking another Ibuprofen (I hate taking them). Within 10 minutes of taking the BODY and SOUL my headache was almost gone, by 30 minutes it was completely gone."

Kim W.


Hi everyone about 3 weeks ago we purchased the Trilogy and Breathe essential oil for our dad who has been suffering from a illness for awhile now and has been housebound on the oxygen machine. Well what a massive improvement he sleeps well and gets up early and does a few chores, yesterday he drove our mum into town the first time in about a year to get groceries. He says he hasn't felt so good in ages. The best thing is he got his funny side back, I haven't heard my dad laugh for a long time. This is more valuble than money and gold. Thank you HB Naturals this means alot to us.

Chris H., New Zealand

****  Are there any LIVE Calls Happening where I can learn more about this?
OMG.. Glad you asked !!
As I write and REVISE this page - 11/ 01
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There is No Other program like this anywhere, or another ADMIN as Truly Interested in helping people have CAREERS with highest Quality Products, as Paula and Ben Scarcella.
See bottom of the page for info on the PARENT Company of HBN -
that they also own, with Different Fabulous Products - (you should be there too! )!! 

"NOURISH" superfoods & sprouts is for Everyone- 
but especially give it to the KIDS..

See the Fact Sheet on *NOURISH and then tell me you would not rather your entire family get this in the Morning instead of Sugar!!

And it Tastes FABULOUS- they will LOVE it!

Send them Back to School KNOWING they have had ONE
 "Super Meal" a day- that tasted Great too!

Seriously, it tasts great, they will love it, and is a Great Substitute for that Orange Juice that is all SUGAR anyway !!


AND before I forget -

If Effortless WEIGHT Loss and the "SLIMMER" weight loss Contest..
is more your "cup of tea" than fighting inflammation tion or CARDIO ...
(where you may get paid up to $10 per lb. of weight lost)..

please approach our company and wonderful family of products from FAT Loss point of view :

NOW proudly Featuring goDesana Superior Essential Oils TOO !!






The Healing Trilogy of MIND, BODY & SOUL is formulated by world renowned and gifted healer...
Alexandria Brighton ...
with science-backed ingredients shown to reduce chronic inflammation.*

MIND, BODY & SOUL Ayurvedic Superfoods are manufactured in the USA,
and infused with Turmeric, Coconut, and ancient Ayurvedic Superfoods.



   Obesity and its constant companion, type 2 diabetes, are at epidemic proportions.
One thing that connects them is inflammation.
   Obesity "tilts" the inflammation process because fat cells produce inflammatory cytokines.
Fat cells on the hips, butt, thighs, and stomach do more than just look unsightly and annoy us.
   They're actually little inflammation factories, constantly pumping out inflammatory chemicals.

With a "Squeaky- Clean" Admin,

the World's Best Product Formulator,

and Kevin Thompson on board as Compliance Lawyer..

THIS One is going to be HUGE !

From the Standpoint of Life-Saving Products Niche..

AND an Income Producer to grow OLD with !!


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THIS is BIG  :

** I mentioned earlier that HB Naturals is a New DIVISION of an existing SOLID Company..

That "other solid company" has quietly been one of the best ..
(many consider the Best)..

nutrition product MLM ever - even CUSTOMERS get paid there..
and accumulate "points" to help with future purchases,
even if you do not Promote the company...

NO One does that - except that someone DOES !!

I am not an "Essenetial Oils" guy, but millions of people ARE and these are the BEST, I am told by people who KNOW quality in this area...

But I AM very much a HEALTH guy, running a GYM as I do..

and I LOVE the Nitric Oxide stimulator they have called "Cardio Extreme" ..

It is just one of the Fabulous Products they have and it is better than the NITRIC product some companies have as their FLAGSHIP product!!!

With Arginine, Citruline and the "Instant Uptake" type of B-12 it is the best thing you can do for your body first thing in the morning-

whether you have Heart or Health issues already, or do not WANT to have them..

You should JOIN Paula and Ben's "other program" right now too..
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See everything here of course,
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