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Aside from the Monthly Payments, what most often STOPS people from purchasing a HOME?
The Qualification and Down Payment "UP-Front" money required
Here is AN answer for almost everyone who cannot otherwise make home ownership happen!
And it Pays 8 Levels Deep to members who help connect..
the Grant Money with people who NEED it..
When Someone Applies for the Grant and Qualifies (and almost everyone will Q..)
Notice, I did not say- "If they end up USING it" .. 
you will get Paid..
We get paid "Referral Fees" if they are successfully GRANTED the Money..
(if they use it or not)
If they are Approved for the Granted ..
There will be $3200 Disbursed down the line..
$750 First Level

2nd level: $500, 

3rd level: $450,
​4th level: $400, 
​5th level: $350, 
​6th level: $300, 
​7th level: $250, 
​8th level: $200.

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Scroll Down past the BreifCase of Cash..
I will give you Info how to make this a BIZ..
Or how to begin the process of GETTING a Grant for a Home Yourself..
Whichever you wish to do..
OH, and IF you are a REALTOR - you get an EXTRA 2% on the Deal!!
8 personal affiliates and those 8 getting just 2 personal affiliates each, down 8 levels....
with each of you bringing in just ONE qualifying grant per YEAR...
Is over $23,000 for that year..
The sky truly is the limit. 
And to think it's a LEGIT  501 (c) 3 non-profit..
with grants that are FHA- and Fannie Mae (etc)-approved!! 
These grants are government-backed.


Earn Passive Income



Watch MY Video and pay ATTENTION to it PLZ!

I have tried to accurately describe this but the Video does it better..

REALTORS who Help us get people Granted Money to help them get INTO a home,

get paid an EXTRA 2% so if you ARE a Realtor, Hurry IN to this..


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