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COLORADO Doctor's Nutrition Discovery ..

is a Health EPIPHANY !




Here is the skinny on this amazing Vasayo product line.


You can’t talk about the products with talking about the science.

Dr. Emik Blair has put together an amazing process of allowing the Vasayo products -

to absorb into the body with AMAZING and UNIQUE efficiency !!


What is a Liposome?


A liposome is a tiny bubble (vesicle), made out of the same material as a cell membrane.

Liposomes can be filled with drugs, and used to deliver drugs for cancer and other diseases.

Membranes are usually made of phospholipids, which are molecules that have a head group and a tail group.

A liposome is a spherical vesicle having at least one lipid bilayer.

The liposome (as perfected by Dr. Blair )..
can be used as a more efficient vehicle ..

for administration and more effective DELIVERY of ...

nutrients and pharmaceutical drugs, than previously available..

 ie. - The way of the future and YOU can be FIRST on it with US!

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It will operate under the Name :


MicroLife Nutritionals from VASAYO




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New Nano Technology Sublingual Delivery.. (instant uptake GEL )

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Dallin Larsen  is BACK .. with a NEW Nutrition Blockbuster !

He Started MONAVIE in 2005 and made it a BILLION $ Company !

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TWO Vitamins to NEVER be Without!



5 reasons your throwing your money away on vitamins and supplements

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Here are 5 top reasons why your body is not absorbing most of your vitamins. The solution to all these problems is VASAYO. Don't take our word for it, do your own research. So, stop wasting your money on substandard products.

#1 – Poor disentigration

Pills do not degrade in a timely manner and passed through the body.

#2 – Bulking clumps

Many supplements contain binders, fillers, chemicals to make them flow better through the machines for packing. These fillers do nothing for your body, and in most cases they do harm to your body. 

#3 – Waxi materials to hold the product together

Have you noticed that some multivitamin tablets are shiny? that is because materials are used to keep moisture out of the vitamins, this is good for storing but not good for you. These coatings reduces the ability of the body to break them down.

#4 – Difficulty taking pills

Some people have difficulty taking pills, for multiple reasons. Many vitamins come in horse size pills. This makes it difficult to continue taking the pill and often people just throw them away.

#5 – Sugars compete with important nutriets

Some manufactures often add sweeteners to make the vitamins taste better. Gummy, vitamins for example often have high fructose corn syrup contributes to deficiencies in chromium, magnesium, zinc, and copper, while sugar blocks the absorption of vitamin C, calcium and magnesium. They often don't have Iron and can create cavities because the toothbrush is unable to get the gummy content out of the teeth. 

With VASAYO you are getting amazing products that are made from superfoods and are absorbed at 90%. 

Advanced Delivery Technology

The only products you will see come to market under the Vasayo name are those that deliver results while using our Advanced Delivery Technologies. These technologies utilize the power of liposomes and enzymes for optimal nutrient delivery and absorption. *


Our liposomes are double-layered “bubbles” or spheres that surround nutrients, helping them to pass through the harsh environment of the digestive system intact for better absorption and use by the body.*



Vasayo has developed a smart enzyme delivery system designed to help replace lost enzymes and ensure that the nutrients in Vasayo’s ingredients are absorbed and utilized faster and more effectively.*

With Vasayo, the difference is in the delivery … and that makes all the difference!



the offer above applies to USA and Canada ONLY at this Time - however -

different products from above and needs GLOBAL Affiliates - NOW!


WE have (and can prove that we do) ..

the most Potent and Pure form of this :

3,000 Yr. Old - GOD'S Original SuperFood ..
that contains the MASTER Key to Human Nutrition!


Got Health Issues or do not WANT to have them?

The MASTER Key to Human Health..

from GOD himself - not Pharma...


"Discover" this 3,000 yr old -

Organic, Natural Health Miracle right NOW!


Please watch the Video here of how this man credits our product for saving his LIFE !

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We also make a Unique ENERGY Drink ...

that contains the Basic Super-Food ...

but has many more things in it GREAT for your body!